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Tips For Women Bikers

women motorcyclistWomen bikers are a growing segment of the motorcycle community. Like the many traditionally unlikely groups to take the roads on a hog, they have created their own biker groups and provide community service as well.

While all are oft thought of as outlaw biker gangs, most people who ride are law-abiding citizens who value the community and camaraderie bikers offer one another. The tradition of biking always has had an element of volunteerism and charity to it as well.

Bikers will ride for cancer funds one weekend, and take again to the roads to raise money for MS treatments and research the next. In order to ride, it is necessary to have the right gear and clothing and to find a good group of people to call your own.

Finding A Club

There are many lists online of groups that ride together. Some are women only and some are not. The best way to find the club that is for you is to get the list for your region, and bike with a new group every weekend. One probably will stand out as the right group for you.

One group might love to go on long trips to try out new restaurants. Meanwhile, another group sticks around the area and just visits a new bar or two every weekend. There are different personalities in every group, and some will suit you like a glove while others will give you road burn.

Getting Outfitted With The Right Clothes

One of the most important parts of biking is having the right equipment. It all starts with the clothes you are wearing. Always stick with long jeans and a solid-fitting set of chaps.

It is what people will expect to see, and it plays a role in ensuring your safety too. If a motorcyclist topples and skids out of control, their legs or arms may make contact with the pavement. Road rash hurts and can be kept to a minimum with proper clothing.

Wearing thick and strong fabrics and leather act like another layer of hide for the biker. They also set off the right tone when someone hears those pipes pulling up beside them at a traffic light. Cover those arms too to ensure that protection is present.

If that all sounds a little too practical, there are ways to make it more feminine without sacrificing safety. Long-sleeve t-shirt styles that you wearing beneath a fitted leather jacket make or break the style.

Look for slashed, off-the-shoulder biker t-shirts for that day out riding on your friend’s bike. It can hug your curves to make it both pretty and practical.

Biker Boots For Women

What would a biker be without the proper boots? They may not get far. Here is one area where it is important to toss some money in the ring to get the right quality of motorcycle boot.

A lot of boot sellers will say they have biker boots but beware. It is in style only, and they are not all intended to be worn on a motorcycle. Look for a solid pair of tall Frye boots. They are made of quality tooled leather and have the sole to hold up to the vibration and wear and tear a bike can cause to footwear.

Natural materials, such as leather or another hide, is the best bet for the right protection from road rash, and for breath ability. Biking gets intense, and your feet can get pretty warm.

Buying a motorcycle was the first step to a new life. Finding your riding group is the next, along with preparing yourself with the right gear.

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