Motorcycle Tips For Girls

Even though a large number of females ride motorcycles, there is a definite lack in the market of bikes designed specifically for women. Typically, the primary challenge that women face is finding a motorcycle that has a low enough seat height for their feet to comfortably touch the ground. Being able to reach the ground easily is essential to provide stability when on the bike. The following shopping tips for motorcycles for girls should help you find the right bike for a female rider.

Before you start shopping for a bike, you should take the time to measure your inseam. This is the distance from the bottom of your foot to your groin. Knowing this number will help you determine which seat height is best for your body. You should avoid looking at bikes that have a seat height that is higher than this measurement since they will be too tall for you to reach the ground.

If there is a bike that you love that is slightly too tall for you, you may be able to adjust it to fit your body. First, you could try buying an aftermarket seat that sits lower on the bike. This can shave a little bit of distance off between the seat and the ground, which may be enough to allow you to comfortably stand while straddling the bike.

Another option is to shop for riding boots that have thick soles. Again, these can add a little bit of extra height to your legs, making it possible to buy a bike with a slightly taller seat. Just make sure that your boots still provide plenty of stability and traction so that you can ride safely while wearing them.

Another important shopping tip when looking for motorcycles for girls is to try the bike out in person before you decide whether or not to buy it. Taking a test ride is the best way to determine how comfortable a bike will be for your body. At the dealership, try standing over and sitting on several different bikes to see which ones are the most comfortable. Pay attention to how easy it is for your feet to reach the ground. Additionally, consider the angle at which your body has to be positioned in order to comfortably reach the handlebars. If it is too far forward or too far back, it may be uncomfortable for you to ride.

Finding a motorcycle that is comfortable and safe for women to ride is really a matter of trial and error. You may have to experiment with a wide variety of bikes before you find one that fits your body perfectly. However, it is well worth taking the time to shop around. After all, your safety is on the line. If your bike does not fit correctly, you won’t be able to ride it in a safe and controlled manner, which can have dire consequences. Rather than risking serious injury, it is far better to take the time to find the perfect bike for your frame regardless of your height or weight.

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