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women bikers

Female Motorcycle Riders

These days, more and more women are taking to the streets on the back of motorcycles. In the past, riding motorcycles was something that was primarily done by men. However, that trend is quickly falling to the wayside with more...

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Tips For Women Bikers

Women bikers are a growing segment of the motorcycle community. Like the many traditionally unlikely groups to take the roads on a hog, they have created their own biker groups and provide community service as well. While all are...

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Join The American Motorcycle Association

The American Motorcycle Association or the AMA is a club that thousands of riders before you have joined. For a reasonable fee of $49 per year or $1,500 for a lifetime membership, you can enjoy the perks of being a member of a...


Purchasing Motorcycles For Small Ladies

A lot of times people assume that when someone wants to purchase a motorcycle that they want to buy it for a man. This does not always have to be the case. In fact, a lot of times people end up guiding the customer to big...


Motorcycle Tips For Girls

Even though a large number of females ride motorcycles, there is a definite lack in the market of bikes designed specifically for women. Typically, the primary challenge that women face is finding a motorcycle that has a low...