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The American Motorcycle Association or the AMA is a club that thousands of riders before you have joined. For a reasonable fee of $49 per year or $1,500 for a lifetime membership, you can enjoy the perks of being a member of a motorcycle club. The AMA is a proud supporter of motorcyclists’ right to ride free in the heart of America as the government is hoping to pass legislations that will impact this freedom.

Reasons To Join AMA

1. Roadside Assistance

By being a proud member of AMA, all members of your household are subject to receiving free roadside assistance. This assistance isn’t limited to motorcycles and will include all vehicles such as RVs, personal cars, trucks, and trailers. Whether you’re locked out or your vehicle breaks down, the AMA can tow your vehicle for up to 35 miles to the nearest mechanic.

2. Magazine Membership

As a club member, you get a regular subscription to the American Motorcyclist magazine with your choice of versions Street, Competition or Off-road. You will receive one choice magazine delivered physically to your mailbox, but all other versions are available for online viewing through the members only section.

3. Get Access To Charter Clubs

With over 1,200 charter clubs throughout the country, AMA members can meet with other motorcycle enthusiasts to hang out and plan events. If a club isn’t available in your area, you can find further information online explain how you can start your own club.



4. Get Discounts

As an AMA member, you’re entitled to receive discounts from top retailers that sell gear and accessories. In addition, you will also get serious deals on parts for your motorcycle should your bike ever need maintenance or repair.

5. Become A Pro Racer

Are you looking to get noticed for your racing skills? AMA regularly hosts amateur racing events to help members break through the ranks and become pros. Members receive an accidental insurance policy as well as access to regular competitions that are fair in setting their ground rules.

6. Access To Database

As an AMA member, you will get direct access to a database of roads and trails to help you plan your next trip. The database is broken down by state to help you find accurate information for trip planning.

If you haven’t already joined the AMA, you’re missing out on meeting other motorcycle enthusiasts and getting a chance to join professional competitions. Bear in mind, the roadside assistance is only available to members that have enabled the automatic renewal function in their accounts as otherwise, roadside assistance costs money. Besides the obvious perks of becoming a full member of the AMA, you can stand up to the government and show them how important it is that your rights as a rider aren’t limited through legislations.

Joining a club can be exciting, and when one is so affordable, you really shouldn’t put off membership. The AMA has thousands of members already, will you be one too?

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