About Us


Got’Ms Purpose

To create a supportive, enjoyable and informative social network for female motorcycle riders and enthusiasts

Got’Ms Aims

Got’M aims to provide a network for female motorcycle riders and females interested in motorcycles that:

• enables women to support women; • encourages female motorcyclists to increase their confidence, skills and abilities;

• encourages and supports new female riders to continue to ride; • provides an opportunity for the sharing of information to enhance women’s knowledge of motorcycling;

• develops comradeship; and

• welcomes the positive involvement and support of partners, families and friends.

Got’Ms Objectives

Got’Ms Objectives are to:

• focus on women riders, particularly new riders;

• foster a positive image of Got’M and female motorcycle riders in general;

• raise awareness in the community of Got’M and female motorcyclists riders in general; and

• provide opportunities for female riders enjoying the motorcycle experience

Got’Ms Outcomes

Got’Ms outcome is to:

• ensure that female learners, and riders returning to motorcycling, have access to information and support to assist in the improvement and/or enhancement roadcraft skills;

• develop a network of people and information to develop and/or enhance roadcraft skills amongst female riders;

• participate positively in national and state based motorcycle activities including fund raising events and other motorcycle group activities as agreed by the Committee;

• initiate publicity events and communication of Got’M aims, objectives and events; and

• arrange events, or rides, for the benefit of members and the wider community.